Alawwal Capital is a Saudi Joint Stock Company for financial and investment business and services. It is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a paid up capital of 50 million Saudi riyals and is licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority,license number 14178-37. The company specializes in wealth and asset management, investment services, financing arrangements, financial advisory and business development services. It began operating in 2008 under the leadership of Dr. Saleh Jameel Malaika. “Alawwal Capital” realizes the importance of developing resources in Islamic societies, protecting earnings and saving them for generations to come. With the accelerated pace of the global economy these days, financial firms play an important role in achieving investment and financing objectives for companies and shareholders. It is important for us that you, our client, always remain one step ahead and gain competitive advantage through making the right financial decisions at the right time. With our understanding of the capital markets and the complex regularities associated with them, we can skillfully guide you to the service that you need when making an investment. From brain storming the idea, to implementing it, we meet the challenges of the capital markets and maximize value for our clients, while reducing the chances of exposure to risks. 

At Alawwal Capital, fundamental business principles are at the heart of our company’s culture. Since our establishment, we have built our business on three meaningful priorities consistent with our mission: our clients, our values and growth of our clients’ wealth. These act as the pillars essential to our success and ensure that we go beyond our customers’ expectations.

Alawwal Capital offers a wide group of investment solutions and multiple Shariaa compliant financial services. They include:
  • Dealing
  • Asset Management (Managing Portfolios, local & international investment funds)
  • Financing arrangements for companies and projects
  • Financial and Investment advisory services
  • Custody services
We are distinguished in AlAwwal Capital from the inside out. We have enjoyed a wide and innovative client network for projects. We continue to operate successfully over the years, although we are determined to provide a variety of products and services:
  • Establish a long-term working relationship with others. 
  • Commitment to serve the service with integrity and impartiality. 
  • Commitment to achieving success for our customers. 
  • Our team's coherence and speed in the completion of the work and consistently in the performance and level of service provided. 
  • Commitment to our values and professional duties when providing our services to our customers.
  • Complying to the principles of Sharia in all our business

With our vast experience in banking and Islamic financial establishments, and thanks to our expertise in developing financial and investment standards that comply with Islamic values, we have provided numerous financial, banking studies and researches at global forums and conferences which in turn contributed to enriching Islamic Economics, to name a few:

  • Islamic Trust
  • Islamic financial instruments for financing governments, and the financial regulations of Islamic Banks under Gulf leadership
  • Development of Short term financial instruments
  • Restructuring the Islamic Banking industry (Most important alternatives)
  • The current reality and future of Islamic Banking
  • Zakah in Real Estate Investment
  • Cooperative Insurance
  • Customer Service in Islamic Banks
  • Investment Standards in Global Capital Markets
  • Islamic Investment instruments and their role in activating trading in Arab Stock markets
  • Islamic Banking and modern banking derivatives
The founding team of Alawwal Capital contributed towards the establishment and/or gained membership in many Islamic financial bodies including:
  • Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (Bahrain)
  • Membership of the National Committee for Investment (Secretariat of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
  • Membership of the Water and Sanitation Committee (Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Secretariat of the Commission for Investing the funds of King Abdulaziz and his Companions foundation for Giftedness and Creativity
  • Membership of the Organization of Young Entrepreneurs (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Membership of the GCC Economic Forum and Membership to the WTO Committee (Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Membership in the Saudi International Banking and Investment Forum of 2007. It also participated in the Committees for review of the local banks compliance with Islamic standards of work.

Alawwal capital has been recognized throughout the years with various awards for its outstanding services and profitable investment tools and funds. To name a few:

  • Awarded as one of the top 5 rising stars in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the Annual MENA Magazine evaluation for 2013
  • Awarded for joining the top 50 list of influential and innovative companies in investment banking and asset management in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the Annual MENA Magazine evaluation for 2013
  • Alawwal Murabahat fund was named the best Islamic Fund for commerce finance in Saudi Arabia for the year 2012, according to Zawya’s yearly evaluation of investment funds
Doctor Salih Jameel Malaika, head of the Alawwal Capital has won many awards for his educational and professional achievements, such as:
  • Banking Creativity and Accomplishment award in 1997
  • Lifetime achievement award from Lariba Bank in California in 1998
  • Banker of the Year award in 2001 from the IBFA in the United States of America
  • Takaful Leader award in 2007
  • “Alawwal Capital” focuses on:
    • Providing advisory for forming alliances and the establishment of companies, as well as laying down strategies and plans for these endeavors.
    • Attracting of the necessary funding for projects through bank loans or through primary, secondary or private proposals.
    • Laying down strategies, and managing mergers between companies and restructuring them to achieve their goals.
    • Laying down strategies and managing acquisition deals for investment opportunities.
    • Providing funding solutions for projects.
    • Structuring and positing investment products.
    • Management of assets and investment funds.
    • Management of investment portfolios (Discretionary and Private).
    • Legal and Financial custody of wealth services.
    • Providing services like company and projects assessment, restructuring and financial advisory.
      The company and the managers of investment funds and real estate in the financial markets and exchanges of the following countries
    • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • GCC countries
    • Arab Republic of Egypt
    • United States of America
    • Canada