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Companies that aim to raise funds do not choice. However, choosing the optimal capital structure is, actually, a very difficult decision. Al-Awwal Capital has experience in providing advisory to companies that plan to raise funds from either the public or private sectors; through equity or debt instruments that comply with Islamic Sha’ria. Our expertise covers all possible options: 

  • IPOs & Private Placements .
  • Financing instruments complaint with Sha’ria (Murabaha, speculation, partnership).
  • Structuring, implementation and raising funds through syndicated loans.
  • Issuing Islamic Sukuk for institutions and government agencies.
Alawwal Capital offers a wide group of investment solutions and multiple Shariaa compliant financial services. They include:
  • Asset Management (Managing Portfolios, local & international investment funds)
  • Financing arrangements for companies and projects
  • Financial and Investment advisory services
  • Custody services

Given the situation of the financial market, mergers, acquisitions and even selling and disposal operations are often means to achieve the objectives of companies and shareholders.

Alawwal Capital is able to provide its clients with comprehensive information and custom-tailored advice about the management and arrangement of these operations. Alawwal capital experienced team has the fundraising skills and connections within the community of private companies to make that happen. Our capabilities and connections allow us to quickly identify and determine the opportunities that aim to maximize value.

Our services in mergers and acquisitions include the following: 

  • Conducting a detailed analysis of all the financial, legal, technical and administrative aspects, in addition to preparing the necessary studies for evaluation.
  • Evaluating the targeted facilities for mergers, acquisitions and/or control.
  • Evaluating the change in equities resulting from mergers, acquisitions and/or control.
  • Participating in preparing and evaluating preliminary and final proposals.
  • Negotiating, on behalf of clients, in reviewing and/or participating in the preparation of contracts.
  • Managing mergers and/or overseeing acquisitions.
  • Registering the new entity/ property in accordance with requirements of the regulatory authorities.
  • Preparing the consolidated financial position and/or capital structure.
  • Preparing financial policies and/or administrative decisions required after mergers, acquisitions, or controls.
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بالنسبة للشركات ومقرضيها وحملة الأسهم أو غيرهم من أصحاب المصلحة الذين يواجهون قصوراً في أدائهم أو يواجهون صعوبات مالية أو أزمات، فإننا نقدم حلولاً لإعادة الهيكلة والمساعدة في بناء أساس للتعافي. إن خبرتنا و تجارب متخصصينا  تمكننا من استنباط الحلول المناسبة بحسب ظروف واحتياجات عملائنا. كمدير شركة أو مقرض أو صاحب مصلحة مالية في شركة ما، قد تواجه واحدة أو أكثر من المسائل التالية في قطاع الأعمال:

  • ضغوط نقص النقدية أو نقص السيولة 
  • خرق فعلي أو محتمل للعقود 
  • انخفاض التصنيف الائتماني للشركة 
  • ازدياد نسبة الرفع المالي 
  • مخاطر الإفلاس بسبب تفاقم الديون