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Saudi Stock Market Fund

Alawwal Saudi Stock Market is an open-end long term investment fund valued in SAR. Its date of inception was 1/9/2009 with a capital of SAR 5,517,734. Its objective is to provide medium and long term capital investment growth through investing in the listed equity securities in the Saudi Stock Market that are compliant with Islamic Shari’ah, that are also characterized by good returns, growth and a successful, excellent management.
IPO Unit Price
Valuation Days Daily (every working day)
Redemption Requests On any business day
Tadawul Index
  • Alawwal Saudi Stock Market achieved an outstanding return during 2012 at 15.5%, ranking third among Saudi stock market funds compliant with Shari’ah.
  • The performance of Alawwal Saudi Stock Market fund outranked the performance of TASI during 2012, as it achieved a return of 15.5%, while the later achieved a return of 5.98%.
  • Alawwal Saudi Stock Market Fund outranked funds in the same league within a few months in 2012, and landed first in July and October 2012.
  • The fund has low investment risk compared to other similar funds and market index, due to the distinctive strategy followed by the fund manager.