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Alawwal Capital provides Privates investment portfolios services to its individuals clients and companies in a wide range of Islamic Sharia compliant investment opportunities through restructuring and financial asset development to achieve competitive returns, a portfolio for each client to be configured that keep pace with the client’s aspirations and objectives of the investment and future needs. These portfolios managed by leading portfolio managers who have professional experience in portfolio management that qualify them to achieve high rates of profitability while maintaining the lowest possible risk.

Alawwal Capital pursues a selective investment strategy of portfolio components that focus on companies with rewarding dividends with low risk and good growth rates in the medium and long term.

There are several types of investment portfolios that fit the needs and investment objectives of clients and risk acceptance degree, and thus the expected return, the client can choose between the types of investment portfolios or to establish a special portfolio that will be more diversified which may include real estate assets with capital-operational revenues or specialized investment funds that flowing the investment objectives of the client