• It is the service of records management for wealth assets.
  • Provided by licensed companies by the Capital Market Authority
  • Specializes in wealth management assets records from the financial and legal terms and benefits of wealth to the owners / official authorities / external parties associated with contracts / agreements for the benefit of wealth assets. In addition to keeping the originals of ownerships sukuk / contracts securities, by establishment of special registers to record the nature of the assets, its ownership , historical and current value , beneficiaries and ensure the application of its terms and use them in their intended purposes and in accordance with the portfolios management agreements, and the terms and conditions of the funds for their respective owners and endowments / individuals.

    beneficiaries of the custody are the following:
    • Funds:
      • shareholder registers and registration of their shares and their participation and redemption and make sure to update their data on an ongoing basis
      • agreements and contracts entered into by the Fund with the third-party
      • assets under the ownership of a subsidiary company relating to to the Custody Director SPV
      • commitment to the objectives stated in the Terms & Conditions Prospectus
    • Companies:
      • Owners’ records and the benefits arising from their shares
      • Ownership of the assets of the company and legal documents
      • Contracts and agreements signed with foreign and related parties
      • Investments record (Owners’ record) and follow-up its present value, results of its operations and investors
    • Portfolios:
      • Signed management agreement between the client and portfolio manager and investment products that define the term and expected returns, and Shariah investment standard
      • contracts and agreements of banks associated with the portfolio and its documenting history, maturity and returns
    • Endowments:
      • Endowment document and to ensure the safety of all legal requirements, Shariah and financial
      • Records of beneficiaries and their shares and registration of their entitlements, and make sure to update their data on an ongoing basis
      • Contracts and agreements concluded by the endowment with third parties
      • Ensure compliance with the stated goals in the approved endowment document
    • individuals:
      • Record of their owned shares in the companies and to make sure of the benefits of those shares
      • Record of private real estate equity (Sukuk) and to ensure the fulfillment of all entitlements
      • Commandment document and to ensure that the beneficiaries received it
  • Custody documentation of securities, sukuk and contracts that have a direct effect on the interests of the beneficiaries
  • Provide legal and official records of the properties maintain the liability of wealth
  • Benefit from the professional expertise of a Custody Director and specialized entities in the field of financial, legal and Shariah
  • benefit from the expertise and potential of the custody director in communicating with the authorities that the client invested with for true, accurate , effectively and fast financial statements
  • the existence of an independent licensed specialized in following up the custody services and ensure compliance with regulations of the Capital Market Authority / official entities in the implementation of portfolio management agreement, funds , companies, endowments and individual rights
  • Custody Director Requirements to provide the service
  • Prospectus of the funds
  • Portfolio Management Agreement
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the companies
  • Endowment document / Suk and any contracts with external parties associated with the endowment
  • Individual, agreements, contracts and original documents of property
  • Work Team : The experience of Custody Management team in Alawwal Capital reach more 60 years of experience in their field. Have specialized knowledge of administrative, financial and Shariah, the number of projects under their supervision during the period from 2007 to 2016 are more than 18 investment fund that varied between real estate and capital markets and commodity markets for more than 1.3 billion Saudi Riyals - six trading companies between public shareholding and Limited - 7 investment Portfolios with more than 700 million Saudi Riyals.

    Transparency: Custody Mmanagement in its relations with its customers focus on information, and issued quarterly reports reflect the financial, legal and rightful position, which is based on the audited financial statements, review, and documented in collaboration with internal parties (such as internal auditor / compliance administrator / risk management - and external parties such as the external auditor).

    Technique : Alawwal Capital has a financial system that is designed and dedicated for wealth management (ETHIX) in cooperation with (ITS) company and is considered one of the most matching financial systems to the requirements of wealth management in terms of accounting standards and assessment, data ownership and investment criteria and issuing reports.

    Risk Management and Supervising: Alawwal Com committed to risk management and supervising through a department relating to Compliance Management and supervised by a professional team who committed to international standards to monitor and measure the risks to the wealth by pursuing economic, financial and political reports and new local and regional laws and risk classification and presentation of solutions and options and procedures to be observed to protect the interests of our customers.

    Shariah and legal: Alawwal Capital has a specialized legal team in the establishment of companies, funds and documents and contracts for local and international investment, and we in Alawwal Capital has a private agreement with Shariyah Review Bureau an establishment specialized in providing advice and Sharia Supervisory Board is assisted by a large team of scholars committed to the measurement processes and contract Shariah standards approved by the International Islamic Fiqh Academy.

    Capital Market Authority: Alawwal Capital as a finance company licensed by the Capital Market Authority is following the rules and regulations of the CMA and all the binding regulatory standards in all its operations.